I was looking online for different tips on good web design and I came across a site which has some great tips on how to make a site look professional, yet not cluttered. 

The main tip that I found useful was KISS or “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” The point is made that simpler designs cost less money and are easier to make. And while that is true, I think there is something to be said about minimalism. So many sites now days are cluttered with ads or just content that we lose the value of the content.

Look at this site.


That is just way too much on one page. That is bad design. So I think there is definitely some value in the idea of KISS. Plus, for a start up designer such as myself, it is nice to know that you don’t need a lot of flash to make a site presentable.  


5 thoughts on “KISS

  1. I would have to agree with you on this Morgan that simple designs are cheaper to make. They are also easier in my opinion to navigate by the general public. Your website becomes very unaffective if the person looking at it gets distracted by everything else on the site not to mention what happens if they can not find what they are looking for right away.

  2. “Clutter” must be the word of the month because I hear it a lot in my writing and web design courses. But clutter is really important to avoid, and the best way to do that is to keep it simple (stupid). If a website is easy to navigate—even if it’s a website about the many wonders of eggplants—then that site will get more return hits. A well-designed website is the best way to attract an audience and this site proves it.

  3. “KISS” that’s quite a funny concept that keeps coming up, but it is very good concept. I here it all the time! I agree that keeping it simple is good and easy to navigate but remember don’t keep it too simple to where it is plain. There has to be a balance between plain, simple, and chic, and interesting.

  4. Great find, I really like the “Kiss” method as well. A lot of times designers use WUSIWUG (What you see is what you get). I like the Kiss theory better.

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