Paramore’s Site

For our first post we had to find a website that was cutting edge and well designed. While I did not find a site like Jim Carrey’s (that was ridiculously cool) I did find a site that caught my attention and is interactive enough. 

Paramore was one of my favorite bands in high school and to this day I still listen to some of their music. is where you will find not only news about the band, but pictures they have uploaded to Instagram, and general band pictures. The fact that there are pictures is great, but that is not what makes the site cool. Its the way the pictures are set up and how they change. 


The pictures spin like a pinwheel when you hit the arrows on the corner. It is really quite cool. It allows the site to be interactive, and at the same time, be professional. 

I also really like the fonts that are used in the site. It shows the personality of the band, which is really what you are trying to sell, the personality and the image. 


This is the bottom half of the site. It includes music videos and a store where you can buy t-shirts and such. 

I feel like this site was made in flash simply because of how the pictures move and the fact that it is so easily compatible with the music video. 


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